Our goal is to offer a full range of products for the spine that support neurosurgeons and orthopedic specialists when performing spinal surgery.


DIPLOMAT® is a secure, modular and also economic fixation system for all indications with important attributes.


ATHLET is used following cervical corpectomy with anterior access (C3-C7) in case of instability and constrictions due to various underlying causes: ATHLET is contraindicated in severe osteoporosis and partial corpectomy.


Through their thin and semi-rigid plate design SIGNUS cervical plates achieve an optimum balance between maximized stability and minimized stiffness. 


MOBIS II can be inserted using a variable angle setting instrument and be swiveled into the end position. The setting instrument remains connected to the implant to ensure safe, controllable implantation.


TASMIN R is a refined response to physiological restoration: owing to its rotational technology, it is small when implanted and so minimizes the impact on the ligaments.


Renovis is committed to providing innovative products that help surgeons meet demanding patient needs.  By combining advanced materials and innovative design features with tried-and-true design principals, Renovis aims to enhance device performance and longevity.


The Renovis Tesera SC Stand-alone Cervical Interbody Fusion System combines the most advanced material science and revolutionary manufacturing process into a powerful stand-alone cervical interbody fusion system.


The Renovis Tesera SA Stand-Alone ALIF Cage is a porous titanium stand-alone anterior cage designed to be part of the fusion, rather than merely a vessel for it.


TESERA P features revolutionary Tesera Trabecular Technology in posterior lumbar cage form.



Aegis Spine, Inc. was founded to bring about change and innovation to the medical industry. We strive to be the leading distributor in the medical devices market. Our first priority is to provide excellent service and support to our clients, who are regarded as family. The integral strategy of our company is to keep up with changes in the industry. Our staff is open to change, innovative ideas, and new technology.

Posterior Cervical Screw System

The LnK Cervical Fixation system includes instrumentation and spinal implants for posterior spinal fixation in the C1-T3 vertebral levels in the Cervical and upper levels of the thoracic spine.

LnK Spinal Fixation System

The LnK Spinal System is a low profile, top-loading system. This low-profile system features an enhanced closure mechanism technology and an ergonomically designed instrumentation set.


The CastleLoc – P Anterior Cervical Plate System offers surgeons simplicity, efficiency and versatility. This anterior cervical plate system is low profile system that offers surgeons the option of a constrained or semi-constrained construct.